Natural Gas Line & Pipe Services

Thousands of Americans use natural gas to cook food and heat their homes. Gas is not only clean, it is also an efficient source of energy that is also very cost effective. It is extremely important that your appliances and gas lines are inspected and maintained to ensure that your gas lines are functioning correctly. Your Orsack Plumbing Company professional technician will ensure that your gas lines are properly maintained. Gas lines can be connected to a variety of gas appliances including stoves, fireplaces and furnaces. Our qualified and experienced technicians can fit and design gas pipelines to correctly deliver gas to your residential home or commercial business.

Common Gas Line Issues

Some of the most common problems found with gas lines that can be avoided with proper maintenance include:
• Gas leaks
• Aging pipes in poor quality soil conditions
• Natural gas lines that are damaged while digging or renovating outside

Underground Gas Pipe Installation

Upon arriving at your home or business, a knowledgeable Orsack Plumbing Company technician will conduct a series of tests before deciding on the best location for your gas pipes to be installed. Once installed, your technician will perform an additional series of tests to ensure that your gas lines are performing correctly. Each municipality has a series of tests that your property must pass before your gas service can begin. The same series of tests apply if your gas service has been interrupted or discontinued for any reason. Our technicians will also make sure that your gas appliances and furnaces are performing properly.

Natural Gas Line Leak Detection & Repair

Locating a leak in you gas lines should always be performed by your Orsack Plumbing Company profession. Detecting a leak in a gas line that is buried underground is next to impossible without the correct education and training, not to mention dangerous if you don’t have the correct equipment and skill set. Our technicians can expertly locate your gas lines before digging and repair the leak without causing damage to your gas lines or extensive and unnecessary damage to property.

Gas Pipe Threading Replacement & Re-Routing Old Gas Pipes

At Orsack Plumbing Company, we offer a large variety of gas-pipe threading and other products that can take care of replacing your existing systems gas piping. We can replace your old pipes before they break and cause extensive issues. Re-routing old gas pipes that need to be replaced will ensure that your properties gas system remains working in top-notch condition.

Routine Gas Line & Pipe Maintenance

Gas leaks can cause serious problems when left to their own devices. Never ignore even a subtle sign of a gas leak around your home or business. Regular maintenance will ensure that your gas lines are working at optimal performance and safety levels.

Signs of a Gas Leak Inside Your Home

Smell: Natural gas arrives at your home with an added odor additive which allows leaking gas to be easily detected. The smell is often described as resembling a “rotten egg” odor.
Sound: If you can hear a hissing sound around your gas appliance chances are you have a gas leak.

If You Suspect a Gas Leak in Your Home:

• Do not attempt to turn the gas valves off on your own
• Do not smoke or light a flame
• Do not use a flashlight, phone, electric switch or any other appliance that is electrical or battery operated. These items can create a spark causing the gas leak to ignite.
• Do not start up a vehicle or machinery that is parked on or near your property.

Natural Gas Line & Pipe Services in Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery & Conroe Texas

If you are interested in learning more about gas line installation, repair, replacement or maintenance in Montgomery and Harris County, Texas, contact the knowledgeable professionals at Orsack Plumbing Company today.

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